Tour Latin lover Italy, Nice, Barcelona

This is a new experience and you have much possibility to know very interesting city.

Venice is artistic and cultural
1° Day Milan Arrival to Milan airport 
Meeting with the rapresentative, transfer to hotel to check in and panoramic tour in Milan city, Piazza di Duomo and the centre, back to hotel, dinner and over nighgt in hotel 

After breakfast check out and leaving to Verona, the city of ROMEO e GIULIETTA. Panoramic tour in Verona center, opitions visit to the house of GIULIETTA E ROMEO and the famous BALCONY, Free time for launch, leaving to Venice with the couch. Check in hotel, dinner / over night in Venice [...]

Cremona: city of art and music

Cremona view
Capital of the province in Lombardy, Cremona has more than 72,000 inhabitants and lies in the Po Valley, not far from Cremona Po is known worldwide as the "City of Art and Music".
In addition to the natural wealth of its territory, the province of Cremona distinguishes between cultural destinations in northern Italy for the presence of historic centers of great cultural and artistic activity and a vibrant and growing.
Some of the traditions are still living in Cremona that give luster to the world, the business of shops luthiers continues uninterrupted for several centuries, confirming the capital city of Cremona art of violin making.
Amati, Guarneri and Stradivari's most well-known, are among the families of Cremona province and who have contributed significantly to the history of music, creating some of the tools of highest honor in the world. [...]


Crema: Duomo
The visit of Crema may start from his heart, Piazza Duomo, which remain the testimonies of the medieval city, entered into the architectural fabric of the Renaissance.
To the south built a curtain reveals the original typology of home-workshop with narrow housing units huddled over a long porch where you overlook the business.
To the north of the Guelph Tower (1286) has compact square windows on the ground floor with railings, included in imitation ashlar masonry of the Renaissance.
The two wrought iron balconies of the first floor are topped by the Lion of St. Mark.
To his right, the Praetorian Palace (1547), the former residence of the Venetian podestà.
A baroque marble portal (1634) frames the first arc and introduces to the grand staircase.
The east side is occupied by the Bishop's Palace, built in 1548-49 by notaries, lawyers and merchants, was donated in 1580 to the newly created diocese.
The facade is similar to that of the Town Hall is a loggia with five arches with terracotta friezes, topped by a double set of windows with a central balcony on the main floor between the arms of the Venetian families Diedo and Emo, from which they came the first three Crema of bishops.
The west side is entirely occupied by the Palazzo Comunale (1525), a brilliant synthesis between austerity and lightness Lombard archi-toned Venetian.
The ground floor features a portico with columns in Istrian stone adorned with composite capitals and round arches. [...]

Bergamo: Citta' Alta

Bergamo: Citta' Alta
Bergamo is located in the north of Italy, precisely in Lombardy, about 40 kilometers north-east of Milan.
The city is divided into two parts: high and low.
Upper Town is famous for its medieval style, the narrow cobbled streets and admired its beautiful views from its walls.
Lower Town is the modern part of Bergamo, where life is more vibrant, peaceful and joyful than the Upper Town.
Piazza Vecchia (Old Town Square) is the city's symbol.
Formed as early as 300, reaches its present form during the Venetian domination.
On the southern side of the square is dominated by the Palazzo della Ragione, a symbol of the communal, on the right stands the civic tower (XII - XV), otherwise known as "the bell" that with the tolling of 22.00 percent today mark the passing of the hours and a time reminiscent of the closing of the entrance gates to the city and ranks the ancient Domus Suardorum (XIV - XV), now the University of Bergamo. [...]