Burano: lace and colors houses

Burano city
If you are lucky enough to go to Burano remain fascinated by its many colors and colorful houses are reflected in the green waters of the canals, the Campanile wrong, the tranquility and calm with the old ladies embroider with their pillow while, among them, laughing and chatting.
It's like being in paradise, children whizzing free with their bike, the most beautiful flowers colorful balconies, fishermen hoisting the freshly caught fish from their traditional boat.
Asylum Street Bridge of the Assassins
As soon as you get off the boat ACTV we [...]

are located in a lush green lawn where there's a solemn sculpture by artist buranello Remigio Barbaro then proceed you dive into the banks that lead to the main street.
Arrived in the Piazza Galuppi, the only island, the nice ladies, owners of shops, invite the tourist more curious to go and admire the workmanship handmade lace, then if you need to rest assured you can sit in buranella a typical restaurant where you can eat the delicious fresh fish.
If you do not have the time to do a long layover you can take a flight to an ice cream bar or a trick typical of the island (among the best in the "compass") in a pastry shop and enjoy it until you get to the end of the Piazza Galuppi where is the church of San Martino Vescovo.
Within it, as well as many other important works, there is a famous painting by Gian Battista Tiepolo and the side of the church stands the Chapel of Santa Barbara.
 The church is only one present on the island
Address: Piazza Baldassare Galuppi 187, 30012, Venice
Area: Venice, Island of Burano
Public transport to get there: No. 12 stop Burano
Opening hours: from 8.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00
Additional Information:Opening Mass
Museum of lace
First festive 18.30
Festive 8:00 am ( July and August), 9.30am, 11.00am (not in July and August), 18.30
Working hours 18.30.
On the same square is the Museum of Lace, the Town Hall, the well done entirely in stone from Istria and the statue of Baldassarre Galuppi performed by Remigio Barbaro, the famous sculptor buranello.
Staying in the square, pull over to the church, there are stalls offering souvenirs of the island at great prices, typical products of Murano glass and Venice masks.
Also in this way every Wednesday morning market is held on the island and not far from here do not miss the fish market where you can see the typical fish of the Venice lagoon.
Among the narrow streets of Burano can be seen at the entrance to the various capitals of the streets up to the island's most famous home, "the House of Bepi" painted with the use of all colors.
The houses typical of the island are mostly square in shape and are divided into two, three floors.
Burano canal
On the ground floor is the kitchen, the dining room and services , plans next rooms.
The different colors of the houses, which today have become the main feature of the island, once served to define the properties.
However, there is a "legend" linked to the colorful character of the island, which tells that the fishermen were to paint your own house, in order to recognize from afar during long periods of absence to go fishing.

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