Punta San Vigilio

Punta San Vigilio landscape
Punta San Vigilio is located at the Gulf of Garda, in a peninsula, which conventionally marks the boundary between high and low lake, is considered by connoisseurs del Garda a "kilometer of enchanting beauty", where it is normal to live magical moments, a place among the most celebrated and the most romantic del Garda.
The origins of this place, very little is known, but it is certain that it was already inhabited in Roman times: it is faith a tombstone, currently housed at the Museum of Lapidary Maffeiano Verona, according to this inscription, there was "in place" a small temple dedicated to Benaco, pagan deity.
The Punta San Vigilio is a wonderful gem of exquisite beauty, nestled between Mount Baldo and the lake.
On the north side of the peninsula, lies the Bay of the Sirens who flaunts the wonder of a color palette that is constantly changing. [...]

Punta San Vigilio
Punta San Vigilio has no history, or rather, its history merges with that of a villa built by a lonely man, a lover of peace, beauty and studies: his plan of life was summed up in the motto: "Beatus ille here procul negotii " (Blessed is he who lives far away from material concerns).
The villa was the place of residence of illustrious guests, including Pietro Aretino, Marie Louise of Austria, Tsar Alexander I, Winston Churchill, actor Laurence Olivier, Charles and Juan Carlos of Bourbon.
Countless artists and poets who visited Punta San Vigilio and were inspired by the landscape.

Everywhere, it seems an exquisite note of humanism: from the viewpoint with the Twelve Caesars, the Adam and Eve in the garden of Venus Country of bas-relief of Apollo and Daphne: everywhere statuettes and Latin inscriptions and symbolic allegories.
The house, formerly owned by the Count Guarienti, has a characteristic inn not far that is mirrored in a marina.
Punta San Vigilio in a lake Garda
It was built in sec. XVI Augustine Brenzone, good humanist praised by Aretino, as well as the famous jurist and philosopher, who composed a treatise "On the solitary life".
Tradition has it that the simple construction and lodges in the beautiful Italian garden has given drawings Michele Sammicheli.
They are attached to the villa other factories of the era, including a church restored several times, but of very ancient origin and another building with double loggia, overlooking the lake at the picturesque harbor and is used as a hotel.
The church is dedicated to San Vigilio, bishop of Trent, which at the end of the fourth century, the people of the lake converted to Christianity.
Wonderful are the driveway, with a double row of cypress trees, olive groves and adjacent.
In the garden, very well looked after, there are busts, statues, gravestones with inscriptions in Latin and Italian, which are still to witness the culture and taste of the founder of the villa.
The statues are almost all Gerolamo Campagna .

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