Torri del Benaco in a Lake Garda

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Dominated by the Scaliger Castle, Torri del Benaco has remote origins: inhabited since prehistoric times, it became an important Roman town. 
Today are still in the narrow and picturesque alleys of the old town a medieval appearance while the Venetian palaces remind us of the Venetian Republic.
It was occupied by Goths, Lombards, Franks, and Hungarians, until the arrival in 905 AD Berengar I, the then King of Italy, who was responsible for the construction of the walls and the castle, which still remains the Tower of Berengar, who is now in the church square.
Then, after a period during which belonged to the county of Garda, La Scala, and became part of the territory under the guidance of Antonio della Scala were strengthened the defenses of the harbor and the castle were built on the ruins of the previous year and Tower Clock.
Even the Visconti of Milan and the Carrara family of Padua he fought for domination, until the conquest of the territory by the Republic of Venice, thanks to which Torri del Benaco has now boast of having been the seat of the Council shore of Lake Garda from Water, a union of the 10 municipalities of Lake Garda, which enjoyed a certain administrative autonomy and taxation.
The council used to meet in the Church of SS. Trinity, is to carry out its functions policies, both to celebrate religious rites. [...]

Port of Torri del Benaco
In its surroundings there are many buildings of artistic and architectural interest, such as The Palace Marai Marai belonged to the prestigious family, the House of Vicari and the parish church in the Baroque style dating from the eighteenth century, that encapsulates works of famous artists such as rotari, Brentana and Boscaratti and the lovely organ made by the important family of organists Bonatti (father and son).
It seems strange that a town of only 3000 inhabitants is so rich in history, places to visit, now we will try to offrirvene a little taste.
We start from the center of Torri del Benaco, where stands the unmistakable Medieval Castle
Already exists, the last renovation was done by the ladies Scaliger Antonio Scala, who entrusted the work to a certain Bonaventure Prendilacqua as stated on a plaque in the west side of the tower Roman, but even the new fortifications prevented the Visconti of Towers win with only 6 days of siege. 
Today inside the castle we find an ethnographic museum, with many rooms to visit: the hall of caulk (craftsmen who built boats), the hall and olive press (for oil production), the hall of fishing (the first was born in Italy), the lemon-house and many others. 
In 1983 was inaugurated the Museum! Medieval Castle
Castle Torri del Benaco
The main attraction is of course the greenhouse citrus, dates back to 1760 and virtually the only one open to the public over the lake. 
 The halls are illustrated aspects of the material culture of Towers and the whole Alto Garda in general: there is a section devoted to olive with the reconstruction, with the parties in the original stone, a press for olives, one is reserved for fishing, with three rooms, an entire floor of the museum is dedicated to the rock carvings of Lake Garda, in a room then we can admire a fine model of the historic center of Torri del Benaco, as it should show up until the beginning of this century, while two great eighteenth-century maps illustrate the area, and finally, a small botanical garden is home to all the major plants of the coast and hinterland of Lake Garda.
We have already mentioned the Council then the lakeside road that he found himself in the palace of the same name, now become a beautiful reception facility for tourists, or in the Church of SS Trinity.
The harbor area is economically the most important, but also very striking are the homes of the old merchants of towers that rise in its surroundings. 
In particular, the aforementioned Palace Marai, on which the front door we find the coat of arms of the family, the House og Vicari officials who held power station and House Viola, classical bourgeois home of the early nineteenth century.
The parish church of the eighteenth century, of which we have already spoken, is located on the north side of the historic center. 
Tower of Torri del Benaco
Nearby we can see the Tower of the Church of Berengar I, the only survivor of the 4 that covered the corners of the fortress, that the King Berengar had built at the beginning of the tenth century and the interior of which probably coincides with the so called entrenched: the medieval citadel. 
The other tower, which we have already mentioned is the Clock Tower, and is located near the Highway Gardesana, by the Scala family, part of a defensive system that had centered around the castle.
After a short walk from the center of Torri is the Church of San Faustino, of the fifteenth century, in the place where he had been the hermitage of San San Faustino and Jovita. 
Inside are present frescoes dating from the same century of its construction and the tomb of another hermit Pietro Malerba, who died in 1946.
Other Church must visit, as situated in a unique position: overlooking the valley and overlooking the lake, is the San Siro in the district of Crero. 
Its construction dates back to 1713.
The countryside surrounding Torri del Benaco made ​​suggestive by Romanesque church and numerous capitals. 
Before arriving on the district of Coi meet the oratory dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua. 
Here strikes the eye is a fresco representing the town surrounded by walls, as it should be in the seventeenth century , an era that was precisely the fresco .

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